Official Statement on closure of Whitstable Rumour Mill

I thought I’d pause briefly from reading through Whitstable Harbour Village notes to address an issue brought to my attention in various emails and on social media.

It surrounds the current gossip about the Whitstable Rumour Mill, a popular and long standing attraction in the town. I wish to make clear both my position and that of the future of the Mill.

I will start by stressing once more that the Rumour Mill in Whitstable is NOT set to close. It is not for sale, neither is the lease up for renewal. The Rumour Mill is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

I admit, my preference in the past was for its closure, along with the adjacent Ivory Tower — a position shared by many colleagues and residents. But plans for a publicly owned Halfway House are still without sufficient support, although I remain hopeful that we can restart that campaign. Contact me if interested.

So, again for the record: the Whitstable Rumour Mill is not closing, despite what you might have heard.

Thank you.

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