Politics on its head in the EU Referendum

I’m now hanging on just hoping things don’t get any worse.

Each side of the  http://www.judithschlosser.ch/?ityrew=opzioni-digitali-con-leva-finanziaria-400&549=0e EU referendum campaignhas barked so much nonsense and misinformation across the airwaves that anyone not now holding their hands over their ears making la-la-la sounds should have their head examined.

This queasy feeling I have is because politics has been turned on its head.

* People, who rightly demand complete  follow url transparency and openness in their local democracy, now resolutely accept that such standards should not apply at a European level.

source site * The same folks who condemn an unelected House of Lords who have packed away their troubles to become proponents of  opcje binarne symulator countless unelected bodies in Brussels (wait… and Strasbourg).

purchase Lyrica * Those who shout and use placards to insist government spending should be completely unrestrained have redirected their shouting and handicrafts in favour of supporting a monolithic institution that  http://htadesignvn.com/?prostin=in-hombre-solo&86f=58 costs billions each year.

http://ebbandflowdesigns.com/?ruioed=rencontre-%C3%A0-wicker-park&3bd=12 * People who are vocal (often embarrassingly so) in their hatred of corporations and big business not only support a campaign funded by corporations and big business, but also are in favour of an EU designed almost entirely with the  https://biasucci.com/kisme/3542 interests of corporations and big businessin mind.

source url Disponibilit * People who are resolute in their demands for democracy, but who say without irony that the EU referendum is  click here too big a decision to be left to ordinary citizens and should instead be taken by politicians, as if that wasn’t the paleo reason why we should leave the EU in the first place.

enter * Those who point out there is a shortage of housing, care, and public services, while ignoring that immigration will put  inevitable strain on those same services.

* Those who enjoy the national sport of combing through the expenses of MPs not yet ready to take their game to the European level.

* Those who with a straight face claim this is an ideological campaign, while David Cameron, Nicola Sturgeon, Paddy Ashdown, Saddiq Khan and Jeremy Corbyn share the same platform.

* People railing against pay increases for MPs, but oblivious to the salaries of both elected and non-elected EU officials (not that they had any power to stop them)?

* Leading politicians of the Conservatives (David Cameron and Boris Johnson), Labour (Jeremy Corbyn), and even the Greens (Caroline Lucas) campaigning for positions they previously opposed.

You might have gathered by now that I’m voting Leave.

I’m not immune to any of this and have these inconsistencies in my own position. But it’s not immigration that bothers me, or even the money (actually it does, but such enormous figures become wearily abstract). It’s the lack of democracy and accountability that I find intolerable.

Even worse it seems large numbers of people have found a way to justify this. While I worry about what that means for our country, our liberty and our sovereignty, they’ve somehow found a way to sleep at night. Maybe I just want to know their trick. Perhaps I’d like to have that blissful feeling too?!

So we brace ourselves and wait to see what the country will be like on 24 June, and the best any of us can do is examine both sides and make our own decision. Not much is certain, although I’d predict one or two exceptions: We’ll hate our politicians again, and the EU will press on in its bid to swallow itself.

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